martes, 25 de octubre de 2011

Yves Saint-Laurent by Dolce&Gabbana

     Walking down the streets of Madrid, I've found the Dolce&Gabbana eyewear campaign 2011 in various city's canopies. There, we can see David Gandy, the fetish male model of the italian designers' latest campaigns, black and white picture, wearing nothing but inspiration "clubmaster" eyeglasses.

     This work of the photographer Mariano Vivanco reminds me a lot to another campaign realized, in 1971, by the french photographer Jean-Loup Sieff. This is a campaign for the launch of the first Yves Saint-Laurent's  male Eau de Toilette, "Pour Homme". And the model is no other than the great designer himself. Yves appeared nude in front of his friend's camera, in his studio in Paris. Yves is a man around his 35 years, only dressed by his eyeglasses and sitted on black leathered cushions.
What do you think about these two pictures?

     It's obvious that David's sculpted body is not the same as Yve's, but that pose, that lighting and these eyeglasses as unique clothing take us back to Yve's picture.
I think, also, that the Dolce&Gabanna picture won't have the same significance that  Yve's have had. This 71's picture marked a milestone in the advertising history, as Ursula Harbrecht explain in her book "Yves Saint-Laurent et la Photographie de Mode", 'cause it was the first time a fashion designer made promotion himself of a perfume and, what it's most important, he did it stripping himself in front of the photocamera and in front of the astonished eyes of society.
In fact, this picture reached almost 40.000€ at Christie's auction house.

     Maybe Yves hasn't got the perfect body of David, nor his pose becomes so masculine... but this image will always remain in our memory for what it means and who the protagonist is.

     This picture, among others, raised of the collaboration between Yves Saint-Laurent and Jean-Loup Sieff can be found in the book "Yves Saint-Laurent mis a nu: Photographes de Jean-Loup Sieff", edited in its original format by Albin Michel.

     If you have the luck to be in Madrid, you also can enjoy it at the Mapfre Foundation, until January 8th 2012.
Don't miss this retrospective, it won't disappoint you.

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