viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

Are Spirits as Bad as they seem?

     Investigators from Harvard University have studied 13894 women, with an average of 58 years, accounting for his consumption of alcohol and assessing how they get older.
"Good old-age" defined not suffering any chronic disease or any cognitive or physical disability after turning 70.

     It seems that after controlling numerous factors related to health, education and familiar story, they found that women who drunk between 15-20 mililitres of alcohol per day, have more chances of better aging than those who didn't drunk.
Also, those who drunk during the week were more likely to enjoy good health in old-age.

     Then, are spirits a healthy product? According to the study's authors, they wouldn´t incite a person who doesnt drink to do it just for improving his health (Study published in PLoS Medicine)

     We must focus on other aspects such as a healthy and balanced diet (I'm a strong supporter of the Mediterranean diet), an ongoing physical activity and to sleep an appropiate number of hours.
So, we must not forget that wine is part of this Mediterranean diet. Spain has an incredible selection of wines with  Origin Denomination: Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Jumilla, Priorato, Toro... And it seems that wine is beneficial, not only by the properties of alcohol, but also by the polyphenolic compounds in the grape derivatives.

     I remember what a great venezuelan cardiologist, Doctor Rodriguez, told me: he always drink a glass of whisky arriving home, cause this little alcohol dose is good for the heart. And searching for more information, I've found that Mr. Eduardo Muñoz, Professor of Immunology from Cordoba University, also says that moderate consumption of white spirits has positive effects on the body: it prevents the blood pressure's increases and it is an inhibitor of ailments such as thrombosis.

     Dear readers, being #komoNati (Nati is a well-known party-goer here, in Spain) is not a good option; but we, who follow her steps from long time ago, should do this moderately because this will increase our possibilities to enjoy good health reaching our old-age.
God Bacchus takes care of us!!

Vineyards near Peñafiel (Valladolid, Spain)

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