domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

When the end of love arrives

     Lately I haven't  slept well nor eaten correctly; and this is because I'm always thinking about one thing: Kim Kardashian has filed  for divorce from Kris Humphries.

     Those of you who know me, surely you'd asked yourself: "How can you be worried about that?" This is my answer: I've never been a tabloid's follower and the subsequent star-systen that generates. But I must admit I read "Cuore" magazine sometimes for the healthy laughs it provokes me. And one day, suddenly, I found the wedding of the year (or even the century...): the wedding of the starlet and the NBA player. And it really was a fairy tale, where they pretended to be very happy.
     And 72 days after the wedding, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, citing the usual irreconciliable differences. But what kind of "irreconciliables differences" can appear in so little time? Has the love already finished...if there was any? Have these difficulties arisen suddenly in ther married life? or were already present during courtship?
     She said in a statement that she married in love but maybe rushed into this wedding, pressed by E! reality TV show about her life and her family's. Then I ask myself: "Couldn't it be possible that she is rushing herself again filing such a petition for divorce?
I think that in so little time and doing so many things as she has done, she hasn't had any minute to think about anything...

     All these questions are repeated over and over in my head. I don't believe in eternal infatuation, but in enduring love. A relationship is built on several pillars: honesty, trust, love and physical and sexual attraction. From all of them, this fourth (physical and sexual attraction)  dissapears as time goes by. So, if the others pillars are not strong enough, relationship sinks.

     Love is the main reason to get married but it's not the only one to remain married: children, vows, what people would think about this divorce, the expenses on lawyers and lawsuits, the loss of a social status... If love was the only reason to get married, its disappearance would be enough to end the marriage, but all we know relations in which love disappeared long time ago but they are still married.
     Often we appeal to divorce only in truly nasty situations such as abuses, infidelities and addictions. But also, in these cases, there are some couples who stay together alleging such things as "I still love him/her" or "he/she still loves me. I know it" Love, or something disguised as love, can blind logic.

     Then, why hasn't Kim been able to fight for the love she felt? maybe was she blinded by a dreamed wedding? There are too many girls that dream with that type of ceremony in which she becomes a one-day princess, in which all the attentios are for her...
They don't realize that their parents make a great economic effort and after some years they get divorced and their parents are still paying the bank loan.
Obviously this is not Kim's case...

     And here comes another one of my recurrent thoughts: how do this people dare to lower such an institution as marriage? I don't care it is by jewish, catholic, muslim or budist beliefs... How do they underestimate so badly this right that others have worked so hard to get...or, actually, they are still fighting for? Ther are thousand of gay couples all around the world that cannot formalize their relationship because in their country or state gay marriage is not allowed. Long-time couples! and then some ghetto princesses come and trample this right.

     As you can see, questions and more questions. Some of them without answer. And all of them because a little-poor-girl dreamed of a fairy tale wedding and her marriage lasted less than the tales of one thousand and one arabian nights.


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