miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

The Versace Male Collection for H&M

     Today let's see the Versace  male collection for H&M.

     From the bottom of my heart, I believe you´d love it or you´d hate it. Everybody knows that Versace doesn´t like the middle ground and this collection is a clear demostration of principles. Risky propositions, everything but discreet and, therefore, not suitable for all audiences.

     Tailored line is made up of jackets and a coat of, apparent, impeccable cut; skinny pants and shirts in black and fluorescents colors, such as electric blue and electric pink.

     Pelle Borchie line is made up of outfits for a rocker look with some kind of glamour. My favorite garment is a black leathered jacket with Greek patterns and the one that I think is the less remarkable is a short pant. Very useless in a male's life in winter...

     Graphical line is full of geometric patterns in black and white. A total Graphical look is impossible to wear, just for those men with no ridicule fear. But it'll look wonderful if you combine  one Graphical garment with another one in black. It's up to you!

     Stampa line, as well as the women one,  takes me back to those Gianni´s days, with those impossible-to-wear silken shirts. We find bold prints of palm trees and all kind of plant motifs in electric green on blue or black. There are also animal prints and golden symbols. As Versace as usual.

     There are prices to suit everybody: from 14'95€ of an underwear boxer to 299€, that costs the leathered jacket or the leathered pant.

     Now we have to wait till the 17th to see how many men dare to wear this Versace collection for H&M. Are you one of them?

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