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Loewe: Excellence and Tradition

     A few weeks ago I had the chance of going to the annual dinner that Loewe prepares very year for its friends and workers. I must say that the decoration was lovely, 'cause all the figures that represent this brand were there as if they were another guests.
In this event we were told about the new shops all around the world; the best workers and the oldest ones were honoured; they talked about the year's sales and,of course,it was a very positive number... And, finally, we ended up with a dance session that toured the greatest hits of all  times.
     The story of this brand goes back to 1846, year in which a group of Spanish craftsmen opened a leather goods workshop in the most commercial district in Madrid (Spain), Lobo street (later Echegaray Street) In 1872, Enrique Loewe Roessberg, a German craftsman specialized in leather, arrived to Madrid and decided to join forces with the leather workshop owners and establish the brand, creating Loewe. But it was 20 years later when the brand began to be known  among the general public, becoming even"Official Supplier to the Spanish Royal Crown," (title given to the family by King Alfonso XIII)

     Towards the end of the 1960s, Loewe marked the beginning of its international expansion: Great Britain (1963), Japan (1973)...  So Loewe's success and development is not something accidental nor recent, but it comes from long time ago, due to the great work of its team and the quality of its products.
     In 1987 Loewe reached an agreement with the luxury goods group LVMH to strengthen the international expansion of the firm and, finally, in 1996,celebrating the brand’s 150 year anniversary, LVMH took over the ownership of the brand.

     Loewe Amazona is the most representative series handbags. It is a symbol of women’s freedom and it was born in the 70’s when modern women were breaking the social, cultural, political barriers. Since then, it has been reinventing itself  without losing a drop of its glamour and modernity.

     But Loewe is not limited to leather goods...

     It has a wide range of fragances:"Agua azul", "Aire", "I Loewe You", "Gala" and "Quizás, quizás, quizás", among others, for women.
     Its latest male perfume is called"7 Loewe" and its name references to the 7 deadly sins, the 7 Wonders of the world, the 7 colors of the rainbow and the 7 cosmic laws. 7 is a magic number, halfway between the human side and the divine one, between the perfection and the imperfection. The blue of its bottle was carefully selected to correspond to a color called "Peacock Blue" which is one used to color the matador's costume of lights; not in vain, its image is Cayetano Rivera, a Spanish matador, son of one of the greatest matadors of all times, Paquirri. For Loewe, the figure who can best represent these values ​​is the figure of the torero: bullfighter's masculinity is intertwined with the delicacy of his movements, which represent the feminine. Likewise, the bullfighter represents a modern man who adapts to the  present times without losing their roots. Who can represent this Spanish brand better than a bullfighter of caste and family...
     But Loewe is more than these. It also counts with  Women and Men Ready-To-Wear collections, highly valued, primarily,,for its leather garments and among its designers are names as Narciso Rodriguez and Jose Enrique Oña Selfa.

     In 1988, the Loewe Foundation was created. This foundation, led by Enrique Loewe, promotes new values in poetry, dance, music and desing.

     Loewe represents style, class...quality and tradition... the excellence... Loewe is a Spanish brand that has learned how to adapt itself to these changing times and I believe that there will be Loewe for a long, long time.

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