lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

The Roques: A Paradise in the Caribbean Sea

     As I went out home today, an icy blast of wind hit my face.
     Yes, I know; it's time for cold days, for staying at home, on the coach with a blanket, watching a movie. And I am delighted with it... But Idon't know why, suddenly, I remembered my trip to Los Roques (Venezuela) Those beaches with white sand, bathed by waters that have the full range of Pantone blues... Unfortunately, in Spain, there´s no such sea waters. I found the more similar in Formentera but unlike Los Roques, where my view was lost in the immensity of the great blue, in Ibiza and Formentera it was lost in countless yatchs, boats, barges and small boats... No, it's not the same. But despite of this, yet these Mediterranean waters remain one of my favourite paradises. A place where I love to get lost... because it's there where I find the most desired peace and quietness. I don´t know why but maybe it's the sea or it's because Ibiza Island is reign by Scorpio like me... But this is another story and today I want to talk about my day at Los Roques.

     I arrived to Los Roques by plane from Maiquetía(Caracas) I call it "plane" because this aircraft flew but, honestly, I was too tired and too sleepy to be scared. If not, i'd have been frightened, very frightened... I left this feeling to my friend Vivi, who remained awake. Imagine a plane for about 15 people; inside, without any luxury or arrangement, almost shabby, I'd say; and the captain turned his head to welcome us and wish us "bon voyage" At the very beginning of the trip I did what I do the best: fall asleep... and thank godness I did, because a few minutes off, the turmoil began.  Luckily I didn´t wake up till we approached to Los Roques archipelago. And what an awesome views received me!!

     The concern turn back on me when I saw the little track on which the plane had to land... Would we get it or  would we end up landing in the sea? As you can imagine the captain did it without any problem. It was obvious he did that flight a few times a week.
     It was about 8 am and it looked like it was noon. What a brightness!! Meanwhile we were waiting for our boat, we wandered a bit  through the deserted arena streets of the village. Actually, the village has 4 streets: Marao, Tortuga, Cojinúa and Chucho, where the different inns, some little souvenir shops and the houses of the inhabitants of the island are located. Los Roques archipelago is a National Park and, luckily, it is not allowed to erect any building. You can imagine how beautiful these low-rise buildings look, painted in striking colors, illuminated by a bright sun...

      Once we embarked on our boat, it took us to Madrisqui, where I enjoyed watching the different sea blues and how pelicans "fish" their food. I also tried to decipher such an original name. Many of these island names come from the Dutch and British cartography, "translated" into Venezuelan. So, Nordisqui comes from North East Key or Lanqui, from Landky and it's also clear that Mosquitoqui was full of mosquitoes long time ago. But what about Madrisqui? Madrid Key? And one more thing I couldn´t undestand was a Venezuelan couple who spent the whole day playing with their Balckberries, without speaking to each other. Such beauty around them and they didn´t care!!
     Finally, after eating something, we took a walk around the sea shore and we reached one end where crossing over the coral reef, we arrived to another small island. There was a little fishing village, where our "player"couple had bought the biggest lobster I've ever seen.  These houses had nothing to do with those from the Gran Roque; rather, they were wooden huts, relentlessly bitten by the sun; but they had their own charm, actually.

     After spending a little time with the fisher men, we returned to pick up our boat.  It took us to different keys and little islands, as Bajo Fermín and Bajo Fabián, until we finally returned to Gran Roque to wait for our aircraft to Caracas. The whole day I was enjoying the warm, dyed blue, water, and the tranquility  that surrounded us everywhere.

     If you ever have the chance to travel to Venezuela, don't forget to visit Los Roques. A virgin place, where you are surrounded  by pelicans and gulls everywhere; and where the maximum distraction is enjoying the sea views and good company, if you don´t like very much diving as I do.

    PS: I want to thank Vivi and her family for giving me the chance to travel to this beautiful place.

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Macarronazo dijo...

Buena idea lo de escribir en castellano y en Inglés... sobre los tacones. Bueno, está claro que os hacen más altas, más esbeltas, os feminizan (porque los tíos no usamos de eso), y encima de ellos os sentís más atractivas. Vamos, que me parece bastante normal, conociendo el mecanismo biológico de las hembras, que os fascinen.

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