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Linda Evagelista, the Beautiful Chameleon

     Today I want to begin a series of posts dedicated to the great supermodels of our time. These are the 90's supermodels, the supermodels that never went away, the supermodels who are still monopolizing the covers of fashion magazines and the hearts of  fashion lovers.

     Today I want to begin with the great Linda Evangelista. I have to confess that I don't consider Linda  a stunning beauty. I think she is very attractive and that she has a very self-confident personality that has allowed her to reinvented herself a thousand times. Her large feline eyes,  mixing green and blue, have provided her a magnetic gaze, full of mistery and seduction.

     Linda was born to Italian parents in a little city in Ontario (Canada) As many as others models was discover at a beauty pageant. This was called Miss Teen Niagara. Then she moved to New York and signed with Elite Model Management. Then she moved to Paris (France) to further her career and continued walking up and down the catwalks each season.

     In 1998, she cut all her hair off to brandish a little-boy-style haircut and was promptly cancelled from her runway shows that season. This could mean the end of her career but the British Vogue published a picture of her new look and her career went straight to stardom.  As Karl Lagerfeld said: "That was the day she was born"
     From that moment on,  she appeared in almost every fashion magazine cover all around the world, showing her constant makeovers, and everybody began to call her: "the Chameleon". Not only her hair changed from brunette to blond, right through the red, but also amazed everyone with her new haircuts.

     In 1989 she becomes the face of Versace and her reign in the fashion world begins. Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell and herself were called "The Trinity"... and The Trinity dominated the fashion world at the time. Evangelista once uttered the quote: "We don't wake up for less than 10,000$ a day", spoken to Vogue and talking about money and how she and some others models had changed the rules of the game.

     In 1990, Linda appeared in "Freedom", a George Michael's music video, with Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Tatjiana Patitz. Quite a jewel to behold.
     In 1992, "Too Funky" sounded. The music video was a satire of a fashion show, where the models were beautifully dressed by Thierry Mugler. From all the great supermodels of "Freedom", the only one who repeated was Linda.

     Since then, her face has appeared in almost every cover magazine. She has worked with the best fashion designers. She has been the face of major campaigns such as Alberta Ferreti,  Clavin Klein, Chloé,  Dolce&Gabanna, Gianni Versace, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, Yves Saint-Laurent...

          But this luck proffessionally, not always accompanied her in her personal life. At 22, she married Elite executive Gerald Marie but ,after 7 years, they separated and she began a relationship with actor  Kyle MacLachlan. Then she divorced from Marie.

     After breaking up with MacLachlan, she  became pregnant from French footballer Fabien Barthez but, unfortunately, she delivered a stillborn baby. They broke up.  Motherhood became a priority and Linda left modeling to recuperate. Finally, in 2006, she gave birth to a boy, James Augustine, refusing to name his biological father . In July 2011 The New York Post reported that Evangelista's child was fathered by billionard Frenchman François-Henri Pinault, married with actress Salma Hayek and father of his only daughter.

     From 1998 to 2002, Linda disappeared from the fashion world but in 2003, she came through the front door: photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi; after then, the Dolce&Gabanna show, the Steven Meisel photoshoot for Escada, the Christian Dior show and the Autunm '09 campaign for Galliano.

     Linda has returned with renewed strenght and as beautiful as ever. Her transformation capacity  remains intact and all the photographers adore her. A proof of this are the pictures below.  Hope you enjoyed them.

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Luis dijo...

Mucho talento en las dos mujeres presentes en esta entrada. La protagonista y la escribana.

Lo prometido es deuda ;)


Wastewin dijo...

¡¡Muchas gracias, Luis!!

Has desmostrado ser un hombre de palabra ;) Intento escribir las entradas en inglés y español, si bien, las más leídas siempre son en español.


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