jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011


     I´ve always been some kind of writer, the one who used to write in bad times but the one who didn´t in the good ones. It doesn´t mean I hadn´t anything to tell then; but it looks like I preferred living and enjoying those moments without stopping to think about anything and to waste my time. Meanwhile in the bad times, I spent my time remenbering past feelings or dreaming about the next ones to come.

     I think that  this custom has come to an end. And why? First of all, because I think the most of that experiences should be told and discussed. And in second place (but no less important) because a good friend has become my guide and inspiration.

     So I´ll introduce myself. Wastewin is a Lakhota name, a warrior name. A name which was given to me as a present by one of the most important men in my life. According to him, it means "Pretty Face" Actually, "Waste" has two meanings: "good" and "pretty"
     Wastewin was the name of  Sitting Bull´s mother. Her name was: Umpan Wastewin/Her Holy Door
It was also his sister´s name: Wiyaka Wastewin/ Good feather.
And it has also been many descendants´name of this antique tribe of native Americans. I only wish to be worthy of such a beautiful name.

     My blood and origins have little to do with this brave tribe. I'm a pure strain "castellana" (Castilla and León is a region located in the center of Spain) But if there is anything that connects me to the Lakhota people is our love for Mother Nature and our fighting spirit. There have been too many times I´ve fallen on the road but, quietly, I have stood up again and followed my way. And I hope to be able to do so till the end of time...

     San, this blog is because of you

     P.S: I´d like you forgive me if there is any mistake on the text. English is not my mother (or native) languague. Hope you understand.

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San Bodeau dijo...

I am SO proud of you!!! So proud of who you are and your determination. I just love it. I applaud you for writing this blog in English as well.

Wastewin dijo...

Thank you so much!! I´m gonna do it the best I can... And every single day I´m gonna learn something new (Today: how to post comments without getting crazy...) ;)

San Bodeau dijo...

Well, it looks like you have learned how to do that. Way to go, girlie!

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